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Automobile engineering. Automobile engineering is a branch study of engineering which teaches manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanisms as well as operations of automobiles. It is an introduction to vehicle engineering which deals with motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, etc.
Automotive engineers are employed by car and truck manufacturers as well as parts suppliers to design and build entire vehicles or individual parts or systems. They may work on the vehicles engine design, aerodynamics, performance and fuel efficiency, safety features, ergonomics, and more.
An automotive engineer works with other engineers to design and test brake systems, engines, fuel technologies and transmissions within a vehicle. Automotive engineers use software programs and other machine tools to design and test automotive systems for applicable vehicles.
Being an automotive engineer is a difficult job, but it can be fulfilling and tends to pay fairly high. Automotive engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on cars. As an automotive engineer, youll work on designing, building, and testing a variety of features involved in an automobile.
Automotive Industry is a gigantic sector and nowadays, it is one of the indispensable parts of the industry as it plays an important role in the commutation. With the advent of technology, almost every day, a new automotive product is introduced in the market and therefore, those who study Automotive/Automobile engineering have to keep themselves updated with the current norms of the industry.
Automotive engineering is one of the most sophisticated courses in engineering which involves design, manufacturing, modification and maintenance of an automobile such as buses, cars, trucks and other transportation vehicles.

Following Automobile manufacturing industries provide ample job opportunities to Automobile engineering graduates:
Service stations of automobile companies
Production plants
Motor vehicle departments of control
Insurance company experts
Transport companies
State transport corporations
This course will focus on the function and operation of the electrical aspects of modern automobiles. Electrical theory and application, engine sensors, computer systems, and emission control devices will be covered. Also, air conditioning, heating, and electrical accessories will be examined. This course is intended for students seeking general automotive knowledge and employment in a non-technical automotive related field.
Learning outcomes describe the measurable skills, abilities, knowledge or values that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of a completing a course. They are student-centered rather than teacher-centered, in that they describe what the students will do, not what the instructor will teach.
Learning Outcome 1: A strong sense of identity.
Learning Outcome 2: Connection to and contribution with their world.
Learning Outcome 3: A strong sense of wellbeing.
Learning Outcome 4: Confident and involved learners.
Learning Outcome 5: Effective communicators.

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