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Basic Spoken English course in Bhimbar AJK Services in Pakistan

Spoken English Language course in Muzaffarabad Bagh Azad kashmir
Admission open 2023
Students for whom English is a second language of communication have many challenges
when speaking English. Although they develop good vocabulary and learn to use sentences
with minimum grammar mistakes, their pronunciation leaves much to be desired. However
hard they work, the students can correct their pronunciation only with the help of a professional trainer of pronunciation. Unless this happens, their listeners will not understand them and proper communication will not be happening.
This Speaking Skills course gives any student correction and guidance right from the basic
diagnosis of individual pronunciation discrepancies to refining one’s conversational and
presentation skills.
The main objectives of this course are
1. To help students identify their flaws in English pronunciation and have an individual
plan to rectify them.
2. To help students understand the influences on correct English pronunciation.
3. To help students adapt their speech organs to get near-perfect native English
4. To provide all the necessary knowledge and skills to the students to remember to make
a life-long goal to have good English pronunciation.
Introduction to English pronunciation, Phonetics and your pronunciation,
Understanding our speech organs and their vitality in having good pronunciation,
Vowel sounds, Consonant sounds, Syllable stress, Word stress, Sentence stress,
Intonation, Mother Tongue Influence, Speech content, Audience, Introduction,
content and closing, Clarity, Fluency, Voice and Pitch, Mannerisms and Gestures and
Presentation skills

Basic Spoken English Language course in Muzaffarabad Bagh Azad kashmir

Student Learning Outcomes SLO
After completing this course the students will have
? eliminated their mother tongue influences in English pronunciation.
? learnt correct English sounds.
? developed fluency and clarity of speech.
? understood to use Phonetics to improve their pronunciation.
gained speaking skills to communicate effectively with any listener.
Being an international language, English is an international key to success. Livetraininglab introduces the spoken Engish course in two major accents either a British accent or American accent.
Our taught course is specifically based on students step by step learning how to professional speak English in business conversations and interview places. This course in not only limited to tutorials instead students are facilitated with online remote training at their home places which confidentially remove your nervousness or scaring concept about speaking English in public. you’re not asking to spend money on buying books from the market and paying colleges building taxes instead everything is structured to perform practically because languages are all about communication. The completion of this course will be ending with a lot of spoken English methodologies, practices, quizzes, interactive interviews, one to one discussions, vocabulary collections, blogging including all necessary aspects need to speak good English to impress people around you.
Best Spoken English Language course in Muzaffarabad Bagh Azad kashmir

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Basic Spoken English course in Bhimbar AJK services are available in Pakistan at affordable price.

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