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Basic Grammar Sentences, Parts of Speech, tenses, active and passive voice, direct and indirect Narration. Communication with people in the class room and in real situation in class excursion project. Skills to Speak accurately and clearly. ... Skills to path way of IELTS, abroad studies and job getting skills.The course curriculum consists of extensive speaking practice, strategies, and techniques for effective communication. With our Spoken English course you will: talk, practise, and improve your fluency and accuracy. improve your pronunciation, intonation, use of pauses and other strategies.This Basic English Language course aims at helping students develop a positive, constructive and practical approach to effective written and oral communication for educational and self improvement. The purpose of the course is to build confidence among the students and encourage them to write and speak proper English.The Spoken English course aims to enhance students’ ability to communicate effectively in variety of social and academic situations and to enhance their understanding of academic and non-academic spoken discourse. It provides motivating activities and meaningful input to maximize communication, increases confidence and stimulates learning.
Particular emphasis is given to extracting information from listening texts, which are used as a basis for developing discussion skills. Students will be encouraged to work independently on weak areas of listening and speaking. Activities will focus on presentation skills, pronunciation, fluency and conversational English.English is the language of Aviation, Science, Computer, Tourism, and the list goes on. Excellent communication skills in English can help you land a job in a multinational company within your country or abroad. English is a language that helps in international communication, and it is the language of the internet. So, learning English doesn’t only help you get a job, but it also enables you to socialise. One never regret learning English because it works as a magic key to new doors.English is the language of business as well. No matter which country you visit, knowing English can make your journey better. It is because at least a few people in any country know English. In this article, you will get all the details about the English speaking course like its duration, fee structure, admission procedure, career prospect, etc.
Introduction to parts of speech.Using articles: a, an, the
Using can, can’t to describe ability, e.g. I can’t play guitar.
Using comparative adjectives, e.g. museums are more interesting than parks.
The difference between countable and uncountable nouns, e.g. some bread/a slice of bread.
Using demonstrative adjectives, e.g. Are these your keys? Yes, they are!
The going to future, e.g. What are you going to do next week?
Using imperatives, e.g. Water the plants every day.
Uses of must and have to, e.g. Do I have to do my homework?
The past simple of the verb to be, e.g. Were you at the party yesterday? No, I wasn’t.
Using possessive adjectives, e.g. our favourite subject is grammar.
Different question types, including yes/no questions, short answer questions and wh-/how questions.
Using the present continuous tense, e.g Are you having dinner? No, we’re having lunch.
Using the present simple with subject pronouns, e.g. I am, you are, she is…
Building up English words of daily usage with correct pronunciation, e.g. heart& hurt
Understanding the concept / application of tenses in English.
Basic Spoken English Language short course in Abbottabad Haripur services are available in Pakistan at affordable price.

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