Calcium Water Testing Kit

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Calcium Water Testing Kit Price in Pakistan

Calcium is an important mineral present in drinking water. Calcium improves the taste and quality of water and act as a PH stabilizer.

However, hypercalcemia causes abdominal pain, nausea ,constipation and make it harder for kidneys to filter water.

It is necessary to monitor mineral salts content in drinking water.

Test Procedure

Take 10 ml of water sample in beaker.
Add 2 s of Calcium reagent R1.
Shake well.
Add 3 s of R2.
Titrate it with R3.
End point is Violet
Count number of s & multiply with factor.
Calcium = No. of s *Multiply with factor= x ppm

Our Calcium test kit follow standard method for the identification of Calcium in water.
Calcium Water Testing Kit is for sale online, Calcium Water Testing Kit price in Pakistan is affordable.

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