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This course presents a broad introduction to Environmental Engineering. A set of fundamental principles that serves as the foundation for the entire field of environmental engineers will be overviewed. These principles are based on scientific fundamentals: chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. This course explores how these fundamental principles are applied. Applications are selected from water quality engineering, air quality engineering, and hazardous waste management. The main elements of assessing environmental impacts of human activities, projects and plans will be explained. Students will conduct an environmental impact assessment and apply environmental design techniques for a specific problem definition.
Course Objectives
1.Basics of Survey, distance measurement by different methods, angle measurement and
orientation of survey lines.
2.Contouring of lands and preparation of maps by levelling in order to determine profile of land that will be used to determine storage capacity of reservoirs and cut & fill in roads
The course is designed to be a survey of various areas that broadly fall under the umbrella of environmental engineering. Many of the topics taught are covered in much more detail in other courses, such as water and wastewater engineering, hydraulic and hydraulic structures, air pollution control, and solid waste management.
For successful completion of this course, I expect the students to be able to understand persistent and emerging environmental issues and have a sound understanding of material balance including being able to solve problems that involve material balance. Further, students after completion of this course should be able to understand basic considerations in water resources management, water pollution control, water treatment and reclamation, air pollution sources and controls, and solid waste management.
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure equips students with interdisciplinary tools to solve future environmental problems and prepares for careers as environmental engineers. Students gain knowledge of the properties and functions of water and ecosystems, learn how to assess the local and global environmental impact of human activities, and apply advanced methods and modelling tools to define and solve environmental problems.
Environmental engineers find sustainable solutions for complex environmental problems, including water pollution and soil erosion. They plan, manage and operate engineered systems so that society can co-exist with the environment in a sustainable way. They are experts in assessing whether the design and construction of a project will potentially damage the environment, and how this can be prevented.
During your environmental studies, you’ll learn engineering concepts and technical skills to:
preserve the environment minimise water, soil and air pollution assess the environmental impact of engineering projects develop remediation measures for environmental degradation
deliver sustainable solutions through engineering processes.
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