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This course gives information of optical fiber waveguide at crucial level, basics of an optical fiber communication framework and understanding of different components of an optical fiber media transmission system.A fiber-optic cable contains anyplace from many to hundreds of optical strands inside a plastic casing. Too known as optic cables or optical fiber cables, they exchange information signals within the frame of light and travel hundreds of miles essentially speedier than those utilized in conventional electrical cables.Fiber optics is an astonishing innovation that permits our every day voice, video and information transmissions to occur with ever-increasing quality and lower costs. In this instructional exercise, you may be displayed with a brief history that covers how fiber optics advanced from the 19th century to the show. This will be taken after by a brief groundwork on light essentials that analyzes essential optical hypothesis. Following, will be a dialog of essential fiber structures of optical strands taken after by an outline of accessible hardware and errands required to accurately perform a assortment of fiber optic tests. Fiber optic dynamic and inactive gadgets will too be surveyed as well as framework misfortune budgets. After completing this instructional exercise, you ought to have an understanding of: the history of fiber optics; light nuts and bolts; fiber structures; fiber optic testing; fiber optic dynamic gadgets; fiber optic detached gadgets; and framework misfortune budgets.
Basics of power and essential hardware
Information Communication basics
Communication Systems
Computer Basics
Fiber Optics Innovation
Fiber determination and fiber optic measures
Fiber optic communications
Cabling guidelines, framework components, cabling instruments
Fiber optics devices and Fiber optic test hardware
Fiber optic terminations and Fundamental of grafting
Course Syllabus:

Module 1
Introduction to Fiber Optics
History and Future of Fiber Optics Networking
Fiber To the Desk
Fiber To The Home
Fiber Optics Networking
Fiber Optics Safety
Hands-on Session Begins
Module 2

Fiber Optics Networking Standards
BICSI and RCDD Certification
Fiber Optics Cable and Connector Identification
Outside Plant Cable Introduction.
Hands-on Session Continues – Termination of Fiber Connector, Splicing Mechanical & Fusion, Design & Installation of Fiber Cabling, Introduction to Splicing
Module 3

Outside Plant Fiber Cable preparation, termination & testing
Introduction to Basic OTDR Functions
Fiber To the Desk
Use of the OTDR, Power Source and Light Meter Functions
Continuity Testing, Tools and Equipment.

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